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Teams demanding individual high performance face similar challenges. How do you select the right talent? How do you qualify and train to get most out of them? How do you ensure your organization remains on a trajectory that leads to adaptive improvement and inevitable superiority?

When you work with Horizon Performance, we help your organization gain the knowledge it needs to choose, certify and cultivate the most capable people for the most challenging jobs. We’ll help you enhance your assessment systems to empower your leadership with the tools to measure, track, and develop holistic, Whole Person factors.


better your best

For over thirteen years Horizon has served and learned from the best. Born out of the "new normal" of global engagement, our process and software is the result of best practices from across the spectrum of high performance, and backed by Industrial/Organizational Psychology, high performance subject matter expertise, statistical science and innovative software development.

Our work with NASA and Special Operations Forces, along with elite federal law enforcement agencies, medical schools and collegiate athletics has focused the creation of our Whole Person Assessment System™. Our roster includes elite military operators, coaches, psychologists, behavioral scientists, sports scientists, data scientists, software engineers, and other subject matter experts.

humans are more important than hardware

We exist for clients who invest in the human dimension in order to dominate their operational environment. Horizon helps to increase the development of personal and professional attributes required to maneuver, engage and thrive in the "Grey Zone." One way we help is by grounding and enhancing your assessment and development architecture to reinforce a culture where excellence is contagious and improvement is expected.


Multiply your efforts to develop a deliberate and measurable systems that validates your programs and justifies resource allocation. Horizon helps you synchronize the key elements of your institution, nest intent at all levels, and align organizational challenges against the most important asset you have - YOUR PEOPLE.

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What do you get?

Whole Person Assessment System

Horizon's holistic talent assessment systems help organizations make informed decisions towards the selection and qualification of future teammates, as well as the continued professional development of the individuals and teams they will join.

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    Power your cadre and leadership with an engine to use selection data and analysis to inform recruiting.

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    Focus individual instruction and enable organizational insight in order to qualify each individual, ready to be a value-added member of your team.

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    Consistently improve individual capability and capacity. Give your people a system to professionally develop using a comprehensive "360 assessment" tool to track performance and action their performance goals.

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    Evaluate and develop your teams through an inside-out, holistic assessment of high performance team dynamics which considers not only if the team can accomplish the mission, but also how well they can do the job.


The Whole Person Model™

Your people need to do more than "move and shoot." Horizon's high performance modeling focuses on the holistic attributes common to all elite organizations needing to negotiate human terrain and excel in chaotic and ambiguous environments.

Measure Excellence.

Horizon Performance developed GideonSoft as a tool to collect and report data in a way that makes it easier on evaluators and focuses decision makers. Paired with our proven process, our automating software solutions align operational objectives with performance, behavior, aptitude, and other vital information to inform decisions and focus improvement.

We will expertly configure our software, GideonSoft, to give you a tool you can use on the go, in real-time, on or offline. More than replacing the notepad and pencil, GideonSoft's secure mobile application and workstation interface is user-friendly and interoperable with "drag and drop" functions and an increasing list of API's to import/export administrative and other performance data. GideonSoft is a flexible web-based solution hosted by Horizon on Amazon's AWS GovCloud (US), leveraging the latest in DoD-approved, Level IV cloud computing and data storage technology. Horizon can also install and maintain GideonSoft on your organization's internal network.