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We are a consulting and software as a service company that delivers cutting edge selection, assessment, and development solutions to elite teams that work in high-impact activities and challenging or uncertain environments.

We’re laser-focused on three markets


Based on over 12 years of experience, we have developed a proven solution for the assessment, selection, and development of high potential personnel.

We assist elite teams in developing human capital by identifying the distinct knowledge, skills, behaviors and character that are essential for assessing, selecting, and developing world class operators.


We develop better people into better players.

Our comprehensive programming provides an “inside-out” model based on a full-time campus presence and sustained relationships with coaches, student-athletes, and administrators.


Our combination of applied consulting and flexible software solutions assist organizations in the selection, training, and development of their personnel.

Our talent management platform helps organizations align strategic objectives to the day-to-day operational activities and behavior of its human capital.

Our customers are world-class

US Army Special Forces
Marine Special Operations Command

Our 3D consulting process captures the present to shape the future

1. Define

During this stage, we identify and define the key Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Attributes (The Intangibles) that impact organizational goals and objectives. With well-defined and proper measures identified, a common language emerges across the organization.

2. Discover

In the Discover stage, our software captures real-time behavioral performance data during the day-to-day activities of the team. Our analytics solution provide organizations with powerful data sets that help leaders make informed decisions with regard to their most important questions. Simply put, we Capture the Present to Shape the Future.

3. Develop

In this stage we accelerate personnel development by identifying blind spots and calling attention to performance gaps. Our solutions link to the organization’s established intangibles identified during the Define stage, and the data captured during the Discover stage. This process help develop better people into better teammates and employees.

Horizon Performance Software

Powerful Software Solution

With over 10 years of iterative development based on real world implementations, our powerful and secure cloud-based software solution configures and adapts to any organizational structure. This flexibility adds value to your organization while allowing you to get on with your job.

Data driven research and development

We love data! It’s a good thing too, because we collect millions of data points on elite human performance. Our research team aggregates and explores these data to find trends in how people perform across a wide variety of high-impact activities and challenging environments. These data are used to continually improve our software while the analyses of these insights informs the consulting arm of Horizon Performance to provide highly targeted recommendations based on relevant real-world data.

2569327Human Performance Data Points Collected and Counting...

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  • “As a department, the challenge is to always improve, even when you are among the best. Horizon shares this commitment and has challenged every member of our department to be better – both as individual performers and as teammates. Horizon offers no standard solution, but rather detailed development programs built with each coaching staff. Ultimately, Jason Cummins and the entire Horizon team care about the department and our people. They have become integrated members of the Kentucky family and provide a unique competitive advantage to UK Athletics.”

    Mitch BarnhartDirector of Athletics at University of Kentucky
  • “I think the new peer evaluation in SEAL Qualification Training is much better. I love getting more consistent feedback to have the opportunity to actively improve my performance.”

    Navy SEAL Student2013 Class
  • “As a clear demonstration of the benefit of research, operations, and external investigators working collaboratively, the [Horizon Performance] tool was used in the recent astronaut selection process, including the rating of behavioral competencies and the generation of tailored summary reports. Specifically, the reporting feature facilitated rapid feedback to the astronaut selection team, and an hours-long paper and pencil process was replaced by a software-driven process occurring in mere seconds. Furthermore, the system complies with the highest level of data security requirements and uses the latest in data encryption methods.”

    Human Research Annual ReportNASA
  • “Horizon Performance provides a one-of-a-kind solution for truly developing the whole person. The High Performance Program for UK Football is designed to maximize the physical, mental, technical, tactical and intellectual components of an elite performing athlete. Horizon provides a unique platform management system that allows us to analyze and visualize data in all five of these fields. The Horizon Performance solution allows us to gather actionable intelligence to drive our High Performance Program.”

    Erik KoremHigh Performance Coach at University of Kentucky
  • “Horizon worked closely with Boston Scientific to design, develop, and facilitate the Top Gun ‘Leadership Lab’. The Lab enabled us to capture deep performance data on our ‘Emerging Executives’, enabled an unforgettable experience and spawned behavior change. Perhaps most importantly, everyone on the Horizon team held themselves to the highest integrity standards.”

    Greg FriedmanDirector, Career Development at Boston Scientific

Executive Team

Jat Thompson, PhD

President, Chief Executive Officer


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Janice Benson

Senior Organizational Manager


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Jason Brizek

Chief Operating Officer


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Jason Cummins

Director of Athletic Operations


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David Sharek, PhD

Chief Product Officer


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It's a pleasure to work with the Navy SEALs to scientifically assess, select & develop members of such an elite team https://t.co/etqYV3ar7M


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