3D Performance Management Methodology:

A new paradigm for the assessment, selection, and
development of high potential personnel.


We seek to understand before being understood. Unique organizations have complex challenges requiring innovative solutions. During this stage, we identify and specifically define the key Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Attributes (The Intangibles) that impact organizational goals and objectives. With well-defined and proper measures identified, a common language emerges across the organization.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We configure Horizon’s Gideon[Soft] software solution to capture real-time behavioral performance data during the day-to-day activities of the team. Decisions are only as good as the data used to make them. Horizon’s analytic solutions provide organizations with powerful data sets that give leaders the ability to make informed decisions with regard to your most important questions, while accelerating personnel development by identifying blind spots and calling attention to identified performance gaps. Simply put, we “Capture the Present to Shape the Future.”


We don’t merely teach leadership principles. We build “leaders of leaders”; coaching leaders who invest in their people with intentionality and purpose. Our programs are directly linked to the organization’s established intangibles identified during the DEFINE stage and the measured realities captured during the DISCOVER stage. There are no disconnects, but rather a flexible, relevant, and enduring framework to build persons of character, competence, and consequence for your organizations.

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“Horizon Performance provides a one-of-a-kind solution for truly developing the whole person.  The High Performance Program for UK Football is designed to maximize the physical, mental, technical, tactical and intellectual components of an elite performing athlete.  Horizon provides a unique platform management system that allows us to analyze and visualize data in all five of these fields.  The Horizon Performance solution allows us to gather actionable intelligence to drive our High Performance Program.”

(Listen to Erik Korem’s interview with KSR)

Erik Korem High Performance Coach
UK Athletics

“I think the new peer evaluation in SEAL Qualification Training is much better. I love getting more consistent feedback to have the opportunity to actively improve my performance.”

Navy SEAL Student 2013 Class
Navy SEAL Student

“Horizon worked closely with Boston Scientific to design, develop, and facilitate the Top Gun ‘Leadership Lab’. The Lab enabled us to capture deep performance data on our ‘Emerging Executives’, enabled an unforgettable experience and spawned behavior change. Perhaps most importantly, everyone on the Horizon team held themselves to the highest integrity standards.”

Greg Friedman Director, Career Development
Boston Scientific