The go-to platform for leaders to optimize the full potential of their TEAMS.

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Measure Excellence

As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” GideonSoft, our proprietary software, offers a suite of tools making it easy for organizations to capture real-time individual and team performance data, anytime – anywhere.

Customized for Context

Our Low-code / No-code software platform gives clients the power to customize solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing operations enabling leaders to capture the present to shape the future.

Simple & Secure

User friendly mobile and web-based technology that is trusted by elite teams operating in the most sensitive, high-risk environments.


Impact leaders through thoughtful exchange and meaningful experiences.

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Leadership & Learning

Pursue organizational excellence. Partner with an expert to customize your leader development program.

Retreats & Conferences

Create a forum for growth. Engage and inspire your leaders to maximize their personal and professional potential.


A vibrant community of like-minded leaders united in their shared belief that people matter. A professional network for development tools, resources, and engaging conversations to drive leader growth.

Data & Analytics

Innovative, evidence-based talent insights and industry-leading solutions.

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Understand Data

Unify your organization’s fractured data landscape to create a common operating picture as to how individual and teams are performing.

Shape Decisions

Spend less time buried in data and more time understanding and engaging with it to derive actionable insights and achieve your most challenging operational objectives.

Leverage Experience

Augment human judgment and expertise with technology to make data-driven decisions, expend resources more effectively, and optimize workforce readiness.

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